I’m a business strategist, researcher, & data scientist in training.

I’ve worked in the fields of entrepreneurship, cooperatives, public policy, urbanism, cultural engagement and more. Currently, I’m an evaluation consultant for a business accelerator for worker co-ops in NYC. Previously, I’ve worked at the Department of Small Business Services managing a multi-million dollar initiative, at policy foundations as a researcher, and at cultural institutions as a consultant. I’m also the co-founder of A1Bazaar, a platform for creative entrepreneurs, which launched while I was a fellow at the New Museum’s design and technology incubator, NEW INC. I have an MA from Parsons School of Design Strategies, and I’m evolving into the field of data science.


What I’m doing right now:

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Data science fellow

Participating in a 12-week Data Science Immersive course at General Assembly.

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Evaluation consultant

Writing evaluation and narrative reports for a cooperative accelerator.

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Chapter leadership

Helping the organization Women In Data lead their New York City chapter.

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board member

On the nonprofit board of the New York City Network of Worker Cooperatives.


Learn more about my work.

My work experience can be organized into four broad categories: data science, cooperatives, business strategy, and urbanism. Click on a category to learn more about my work in each field.

data science





Tl;dr My work highlights.


Data Science

Most of my work experience revolves around data. After teaching myself Python and meeting other data scientists, I’ve decided to pursue a career path in data science.


Business Ownership

I co-founded a business when I was 19 years old, which I managed for five years. The second business I co-founded launched while I was a fellow at a design and technology incubator in New York.



I’ve written three public reports for a multi-million dollar initiative for the City of New York. Currently, I’m also writing a series of evaluation reports for a business accelerator.


Arts (& Data)

I spent several years working for arts institutions in India. Some highlights include working on Yoko Ono’s first solo exhibition in India, and creating classification systems for two art libraries.